3mm Edges

TableX stocks 9 solid edge colors and 18 woodgrain edges. Several of those woodgrain edges are also available as a reeded edge.

TableXpress Quickship Program

When ordering TableXpress QuickShip products, you must select from our standard list of 3mm edges. Knife edge is not available.


Wood Edges

Please check top shape for availability. Also note that 3mm wood edges add 2-4 weeks to the standard leadtime.

TableXpress Quickship Program

Wood edged tops are not available on our TableXpress QuickShip program.

Care & Maintenance

Clean all surfaces with water-dampened soft cloth in the direction of the grain. Quickly buff dry. Immediately remove any liquids that come in contact with the wood surfaces using a blotting action to absorb the liquid. Lift objects to move them. Never pull them across the finished surface.

Avoid exposing furniture to extreme heat and cold or to wide humidity variances. Avoid exposing furniture to strong sunlight. Exposure to sunlight over time will cause finish variation. Do not use soaps, commercial cleaners or harsh solvents as they will cause finish deterioration. If using a protective glass top, place spacer pads under the glass top to allow the wood to breathe.

2mm 3D Acrylic Edges

For uses in especially high traffic areas that are prone to impact. 2mm acrylic is designed to be long-lasting and resistant to impact and scratches. The acrylic provides a metal edge ‘look’ without the denting of real metal. Tables with this edge option incur a 5% upcharge. 


Edge and wood finish samples are available by request. Due to variations in monitor and printer calibration, we do not suggest specifying an edge finish without seeing a physical sample. Please submit a request to: sales@tablex.com

Edge Options