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The Veri table series features battery-powered height adjustability. With a markerboard laminate top, the Veri table transforms from a height-adjustable table to a mobile presentation board. Convenient nesting storage is a given thanks to the flip-top mechanism. The rechargeable battery lasts up to two months between charges, or pick the crank-operated table for manual use. 

vertiGO tables

TableX helps you reach new heights with VertiGO height adjustable tables. Sit to stand with just a squeeze. It doesn’t get much easier than that. With both static and height adjustable tables, VertiGO tables work smoothly side-by-side in classroom settings. VertiGO’s ratchet height adjustability meets ADA requirements and is simple to use.

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Height Adjustable Options

Need to get the most out of your height adjustable tables? The TableX counter balanced option is the way to go. With a range of 19.69” on T-bases (17.72 on X and disc bases) and infinite choices in between, this table fits a multitude of applications. Simply squeeze the small handle underneath and gently move the top to your desired height. It’s that easy. Want to use VertiGO on the go? Simply add 2” to each vertical measurement to account for locking casters.

Electric height adjustable tables give you the flexibility to offer the same height range as the counter-balanced mechanism, but is available on a wider variety of top shapes and sizes.

The standard memory keypad will remember your four favorite heights.

VertiGo EH art 

Need the flexibility of infinite adjustability without the budget for counter balanced bases? Our manual hand crank offers a cost-effective alternative.

Ratchet height adjustability is available on most tables in the VertiGo line… T-bases, X-bases, and even disc bases. Simply lift the top near the base’s mounting plate, and the ratchet clicks into place. With a range of 9.45” the ratchet works in thirteen increments of .78”. To reset to the lowest position just lift past its highest point.

Want to use VertiGO on the go? The height of the base will be adjusted to ensure that the range of mobile tables is consistent with that of static tables.

Ratchet height adjustability is also available on many of the nesting T-base models in the VertiGo line. The height adjustable range is consistent with a standard ratchet table. Some larger top sizes may need to be nested in a higher setting if using a modesty panel.

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Note: Colors shown on this page are meant to show the breadth of our offering and are not to be used for specification purposes. Digital samples will vary depending on lighting, monitor calibration, and other variables. TableX is not responsible for these variations. Please request an actual color chip before making final specification decisions.